Director Lukas Moodysson    Cast Jena Malone, Peter Lorentzon, Mariha Aberg

More the sort of experimental film you’d expect to find projected in an art gallery, Moodysson’s latest is his strangest yet. A 90 minute monchrome montage, during which time we see an overweight man sitting around in his pants, or licking things, or cellotaping a plastic fetus to his head. Occasionally a beautiful woman will appear and lounge around. Sometimes she licks things, too. All the while, Jena Malone delivers what we take to be the interior monologue of the man, an autistic “girl in a boy’s body” who monotonously lists his hobbies as “celebrities, collecting things, dead porn stars, the Second World War, nuclear disasters…” Funny, nightmarish and beautiful, it’s a film so powerful that you emerge blinking into the light wondering if somebody hasn’t sprinkled special mushrooms in your popcorn.

First published in Hotdog Magazine in 2006.