Audio Plays

In association with Arts Council England. Bamalam Productions is proud to present… 

All The Bens

Based on the stage play by Ian Townsend
Adapted for audio by Ian Winterton & Ian Townsend
Directed by Joseph Lidster

Nathaniel Hall as BEN
Jack Bence as AL
Finn Walters as HENRY

Joanne Dakin as JAN, SHONA, NURSE and Additional Voices
Chris Jack as RAY, DOCTOR and Additional Voices
Samuel Thompson as REECE and Additional Voices
James Steventon as Additional Voices

Featuring the Music of Minute Taker
“All The Bens Theme”
“Neon Lines” by Walter Alienson and Minute Taker.

Running time: 49 minutes.
FREE to listen to HERE

Ben, a young gay man who – unemployed, skint and lonely – is in danger of drifting into depression. But his life changes when he has a one night stand with Al, a handsome charmer who – to the least – is pretty mixed up about the whole ‘gay’ thing. Ben, of course, falls for him. It all seems hopeless, except Ben has someone who’s very much on his side. His half brother Henry, who, through his neurodiversity, has a very unique take on the world.


In association with Arts Council England. Bamalam Productions is proud to present… 

Cracking The Feathers

By Ian Winterton
Directed by Celia de Wollf

Starring Julie Hesmondhalgh, Robert Glenister, Marlon Solomon, Oliver Devoti, Lauren Sturgess, James Steventon, Tom Sturgess, Elliot Winterton & David David Fleeshman

Running time: 1 hour.
FREE to listen to HERE

Wendy is coping with life after the traumatic experience of going through ‘ECT’. Most of her memories are gone and as she bumps into a familiar face from her past that she can’t quite place, her memories slowly start to return. Not all of them easy to come to terms with.






Ian’s previous audio commissions include Adolf Killed My Sweetheart for XFM and Ted for the Shortwaves Project. He is currently working on a script with Dirk Maggs for Woolyback Productions, and is adapting Ramsey Campbell’s folk horror novel The Hungry Moon as a full cast audio drama for Room 5064 Productions.

‘Ted’ live recording

Filmed as part of the Shortwaves project by the Manchester based Scriptworks initiative. Organised by Conor McKee, Jason Crouch and Sarah Meadows. Shortwaves Live was presented at Contact Theatre in Manchester. Filming and Edit by Albino Mosquito