Part of the Gods And Monsters saga from Cutaway Comics, Sutekh – The Heretic is a one-off tale featuring the Egyptian god of death, the Tythonian Beast himself: Sutekh the Destroyer.

Rescued from oblivion, fallen God Sutekh the Destroyer leads an unlikely army of liberation to free a far flung galaxy from the clutches of evil demon Azag. But will the found adoration of billions of freed slaves be his undoing?

Publisher Gareth Kavanagh picks up the story: “It was an irresistible chance to introduce Sutekh, the Egyptian god of death into the narrative. The dramatic potential of a one-shot having him wreak havoc was ideal for Ian to get his teeth into. And then there’s the potential of pairing Sutekh and Omega against each other in future volumes… it’s going to be epic!”.

Written by IAN WINTERTON (Demon of Eden, the Ballad of Halo Jones stage adaptation) with art by ADRIAN SALMON and lettering by COLIN BROCKHURST. OMEGA & SUTEKH is presented as a full colour prestige format comic with extras and a VAM disc packed with goodies.

Sutekh comes in a prestige comic together with an Omega adventure, written by MARK GRIFFITHS, with art by JOHN RIDGWAY. It can be purchased at the Cutaway Comics site here.

To view a trailer, animated by Mel Meanley, and written and directed by me, featuring Gabriel Woolf — who played Sutekh in 1974 Doctor Who story The Pyramids of Mars — click here.